Lithium and Hair Loss

Recently, like in the last week, I've noticed that my hair's falling out: there's hair in the sink that wasn't there before. I'm not going bald nor is my hair thinning, but it's definitely falling out. So I did some research about lithium side effects and hair loss. Apparently, lithium affects the thyroid in such... Continue Reading →

Lithium Shakes

Shortly after I began taking lithium, I noticed that my hands started shaking, not a lot -- you'd have to look at my hand up close or something in order to see it. Then it got worse. My thumb and forefinger would jump the way your knee does when a doctor hits you there with... Continue Reading →

Miserable About My Weight Gain

I haven't written about my mother in a while, partly because of my current mental health issues, so my therapist and I temporarily stopped working on Daughter Detox, which is a book that includes exercises on "recovering from an unloving mother and reclaiming your life." (That's the book's subtitle.) I've already mentioned this, but I... Continue Reading →

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