New York, New York

In mid-November, my husband and I took a weeklong trip to New York City, and it was fabulous!! We ate at GATO NYC, one of Bobby Flay's restaurants. They had a semi-open kitchen and I kept looking for him through the window, but he wasn't there lol! The food was delicious. On Bobby Flay's show,... Continue Reading →

The Escape Game

I should have put off doing the Song-Off until today because today's daily prompt is, of course, song. Ah, well. I have other things to write about! About a month ago, my sister, brother-in-law, husband and I made plans to do an escape room game last night. And I didn't cancel, even though we had... Continue Reading →

Back From St. Joseph, Michigan

Yesterday, my husband and I returned from a 5-day, 15th wedding anniversary trip to St. Joseph, Michigan. St. Joseph is only a short, 2-hour drive away, which was really nice. Neither of us had been there before, and we loved it! We particularly loved the B&B in which we stayed: it only had one room... Continue Reading →

Bipolar & Sobriety

Before I was diagnosed with bipolar II and anxiety, I did a lot of partying. I may have been hypomanic -- I don't know for sure. I felt more confident as soon as I had my first shot and a beer, and I bellied up to the bar as soon as I walked in. J√§germeister... Continue Reading →

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