Working on Us, Week 6

On her blog, Beckie of Beckie's Mental Mess has introduced a set of prompts that touches on mental illness. Each week she offers up 2 prompts for bloggers to use in a nonfiction, fiction, or poetry piece. You can respond to either prompt, or both. For more information, click here. The rules are below. This week, I... Continue Reading →

Ketamine Infusion

Two or 3 years ago I had been depressed for so long, despite taking various medications and having ECT, that my psychiatrist told me about another treatment: ketamine infusion. Yep, that ketamine. They insert an IV in your arm, which is connected to a ketamine drip. Then you sit in a comfy chair for about... Continue Reading →

Being Not Depressed

It's been so long since I've been at baseline or, "normal," that I actually forgot what it's like to be myself. I lost my sense of self in the heavy blanket of depression, and I know this because recently, I came to the realization that I'm not depressed. That the lithium is working. I was... Continue Reading →

Done with PHP/IOP

As of yesterday, I am officially done with the partial hospitalization program/intensive outpatient program (PHP/IOP) I went to for approximately 7 weeks. Though I completed all of the paperwork, I wasn't actually discharged -- I discharged myself. I made the decision to discontinue going to Group about a week ago, though I'd been wanting to... Continue Reading →

Putty as Stress Ball

I remember kneading rehab putty in my left hand for exercise when I went to physical therapy last fall. I've always liked putty, and play with the mini-tins at my psychiatrist's office. When my husband and I were in Michigan, I bought a tin of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. No, they aren't paying me to write... Continue Reading →

Therapist #s 1 – 4

Not counting Psychiatrist #s 1 & 2, I've had 4 therapists in the last 24 years. Psychiatrist #2 kept telling me to enroll into a rehab program, even though I'm not an addict -- however, I did abuse and self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, pre-diagnosis -- so I finally went just to shut her up!... Continue Reading →

Mental Health & Essential Oils

About a year ago, an acquaintance told me that essential oils, which I've heard a lot about because aromatherapy seems trendy, can help improve depression in a natural way. If there was an inkling that it would work, I was willing to try almost anything to lift my mood to baseline. So in March 2017, I... Continue Reading →

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