Light Box Debacle: Lessons Learned

Daily Prompt: Forlorn via The Daily Post After this weekend's light box debacle, I learned a few things: 1) light boxes can trigger (hypo)mania in people with bipolar; and 2) follow instructions. I admit that I sometimes toss the instructions to new items because, I now know, I have the hubris to think I can... Continue Reading →

My Light Box & Hypomanic Symptoms

Daily Prompt: Winsome via The Daily Post Omg, wtf????? I don't know how coherent this post will be because my thoughts are racing through my brain faster than a Formula One car at the Monaco Grand Prix. Of course it will be proofread and edited because I'm obsessive about that. Speaking of which, out-of-the-ordinary obsessiveness... Continue Reading →

Psychiatrist #1 of 6

I've had 6 total psychiatrists in my life, and I'd like to describe them. As such, this is going to be a 3-parter, posted today and the next 2 Sundays. (I can bundle Psychiatrist #s 3-6 in one post.) When I was a senior in high school, an authority figure "recommended" that my parents seek... Continue Reading →

My Own Sexual Assault Experience

***TRIGGER WARNING*** NOTE: If childhood sexual assault or sexual assault in general is a trigger for you, please discontinue reading this post.   This is a topic that I hesitate writing about because it isn't something I've discussed with anyone other than therapists, and some fellow patients when I was first hospitalized. And even then,... Continue Reading →

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