Flash Fiction Class

I signed up for a flash fiction writing class that started earlier this month. It's online, and the lessons are presented once a week for 5 weeks. Flash fiction are stories that are very, very short, usually 1000 words or less. When I first started writing fiction, I tried my hand at flash but was... Continue Reading →

Where I’m At

Welcome to my new followers and hello again to my previous followers! I took (am taking) a break from the blogosphere. Everything is ok with me, I'm still not depressed, so that's good. Thank you to those who asked. One of the reasons I've stopped blogging is because I ran out of topics! I have... Continue Reading →

7-Day Writing Challenge: Done!

I'm sure you all have a grasp of what my inpatient hospitalization was like based on my last few posts, so I thought I'd change the subject completely lol! Recently (pre-hospitalization), I finished a 7-Day Writing Challenge with my writing coach. Actually, in my case, we agreed to stretch it out to 7 weeks. What... Continue Reading →

Hemingway Wasn’t Bipolar?!

A friend of mine recommended that I read Hemingway's Brain by forensic psychiatrist, Andrew Farah, because he was concerned about whether or not I needed so much ECT, and wondered if my memory problems were due to a different diagnosis instead of bipolar II, partly because I was a goaltender, who stopped the puck with... Continue Reading →

“Rediscovery” by Barb Natividad

As I mentioned in my first post of the year, I may share some of my previously published (as opposed to works-in-progress) writing. There's not a lot! Here's the first one. It looks long because of the way WordPress formats lines/paragraphs. Please scroll slowly so you don't accidentally skip any of the lines. Poetry is... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Format

Happy New Year! I always look forward to the new year because it means new beginnings. One of these beginnings is that I'm changing my blog format. Because I'd like to be more involved with the mental health community on WordPress and in general, I'm going to post questions at the end of blog posts... Continue Reading →

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