Flash Fiction Class

I signed up for a flash fiction writing class that started earlier this month. It's online, and the lessons are presented once a week for 5 weeks. Flash fiction are stories that are very, very short, usually 1000 words or less. When I first started writing fiction, I tried my hand at flash but was... Continue Reading →

7-Day Writing Challenge: Done!

I'm sure you all have a grasp of what my inpatient hospitalization was like based on my last few posts, so I thought I'd change the subject completely lol! Recently (pre-hospitalization), I finished a 7-Day Writing Challenge with my writing coach. Actually, in my case, we agreed to stretch it out to 7 weeks. What... Continue Reading →

Hemingway Wasn’t Bipolar?!

A friend of mine recommended that I read Hemingway's Brain by forensic psychiatrist, Andrew Farah, because he was concerned about whether or not I needed so much ECT, and wondered if my memory problems were due to a different diagnosis instead of bipolar II, partly because I was a goaltender, who stopped the puck with... Continue Reading →

Anxiety & Writing

Just over a month ago I was working on 3 different short stories at the same time. I became overwhelmed and anxious, and stopped writing. I realized that for me, working on only one story at a time works best. Also, I received feedback on Short Story 2 from my writing coach, which discouraged me.... Continue Reading →

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