My Fav! Food

Once again, it's time for Eve's of Revenge of Eve What's Your Fav? My Fav! is chocolate. I know it isn't a meal, but hands down, it's ¬†chocolate -- the fancier the better! Like the ones in this pic: #wyf meal and #wyf style of food?? Participating Guidelines: Create a post on your blog responding... Continue Reading →

My Fav! Shopping Spot

My Fav! is John Fluevog Shoes Welcome to this week's What's Your Favorite? hosted by Eve at Revenge of Eve. So let's play! If you know me, then you know (or you now know) that I LOVE shoes! Shoes and purses, but mostly shoes because I don't always use a purse. Fluevog, which is a... Continue Reading →

My Fav! Quote

Happy Monday! It's time for Revenge of Eve's series entitled "What's Your Favorite?" (#wyf) Today Eve asks¬†what your favorite inspirational or motivational quote is. I know I've answered this in one of the blog awards questions, but permit me to repeat it: "Ever tried. Ever failed. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." The Irish writer,... Continue Reading →

My Fav! Tattoo

Eve at Revenge of Eve has begun a new series called "What's Your Favorite?" (#wyf) Please visit her blog to participate! The first question, as you can see from my title, is "What's your favorite tattoo?" This is my 4th and most recent tattoo, which is about 3 years old. It spells out, "warr;or," with... Continue Reading →

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