My Fav! Food

Once again, it’s time for Eve’s of Revenge of Eve What’s Your Fav?

My Fav! is chocolate. I know it isn’t a meal, but hands down, it’s  chocolate — the fancier the better! Like the ones in this pic:

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#wyf meal and #wyf style of food??

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My Fav! Shopping Spot

Shopping spot

My Fav! is John Fluevog Shoes

Welcome to this week’s What’s Your Favorite? hosted by Eve at Revenge of Eve. So let’s play!

If you know me, then you know (or you now know) that I LOVE shoes! Shoes and purses, but mostly shoes because I don’t always use a purse. Fluevog, which is a Canadian company, sells shoes that they designed. And they have funky designs! Fluevogs aren’t for everybody, but as one of their mottos says, “No, you’re weird.”

My husband used to be a crank whenever I’d shop there, but now, he owns a couple of pairs himself! I have several, but here are some of my boots and sandals:



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My Fav! Quote

pick a quote
Photo credit: Lindsay_Silveira on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Happy Monday! It’s time for Revenge of Eve‘s series entitled “What’s Your Favorite?” (#wyf) Today Eve asks what your favorite inspirational or motivational quote is.

I know I’ve answered this in one of the blog awards questions, but permit me to repeat it:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

The Irish writer, Samuel Beckett, penned that quote. I find it motivational because I often feel like a failure. Many of you know that because of my depression, it’s difficult for me just to shower, and when I don’t, I sometimes feel like a big loser. A big, disgusting loser.

All I can do is try again the next day, and if I still don’t shower, I might at least have changed out of my pajamas. To me, that’s “failing” better. I may not have showered, but I got dressed.

“Failing better” to me means progress. And for someone who’s going through any mental illness, progress is a huge step towards recovery.

Do you have a favorite quote? I’d love to know what it is, and so would Eve! Please visit her blog for the details, and tag her in the comments or in your own post!

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My Fav! Tattoo

IMG_0621Eve at Revenge of Eve has begun a new series called “What’s Your Favorite?” (#wyf) Please visit her blog to participate! The first question, as you can see from my title, is “What’s your favorite tattoo?”

This is my 4th and most recent tattoo, which is about 3 years old. It spells out, “warr;or,” with a semicolon in place of the “i.” Several years ago I wanted to get a semicolon tattoo for my wrist in support of Project Semicolon, a nonprofit organization that supports suicide prevention and raises awareness.

In grammar, a semicolon is often used when the writer writes a sentence that isn’t quite finished, then uses a semicolon before completing the thought. The semicolon serves as a pause. Project Semicolon adopted this symbol to make people think twice before attempting suicide; and so, many people have had semicolons tattooed on the inside of their wrists.

I was strongly attracted to this idea, and decided to get a semicolon tattoo. Then a friend of mine found the “warr;or” design online (mine isn’t an original), which I liked better. She, apparently, felt that I’m a warrior for battling mental illness, and for having survived several suicide attempts. I guess I agree, but also see myself as a warrior against stigma.

In 2017, Amy Bleuel, Project Semicolon’s founder, lost her battle with mental illness. I’m certain this left a cavity in the organization that can’t be filled. However, Project Semicolon soldiers on, continuing to raise suicide awareness and prevention.

Do you have any tattoos?

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